Audio Video Conferencing Solution

Conferencing Systems are an integral part of modern day communication systems. The most impressive aspect of such systems is their global reach – people from across the globe can interact and share data. Sharing presentations on slides, desktop sharing, audio connection with everyone in the call, log on to URLs to access some application are amongst the important features present in audio video conferencing systems of today. Most of the Call center suites have video and audio conferencing solutions integrated within. All Inbound call center suites, outbound call center suites and unified communications systems of today would have this system as a key component given its advantages that have been listed below:

Advantages of Audio Video Conferencing Solutions

  • Global Connectivity
  • Cost Reduction – Cost of travelling, cost of usage over traditional lines are far higher as compared to conferencing over IP
  • Improves productivity and saves time for employees
  • Flexibility
  • Systems integrated with the PBX system being used and mail systems – this helps in tracking the meetings and getting recordings of the same
  • Security – Only people with the appropriate participant Ids can participate in such calls
  • Improves the connect amongst employees and customers and brings in the personal touch, thus reinforcing relationships and creating a conducive work environment

Audio Video Conferencing Systems from *astTECS

  • Based on open Source software application with an advanced feature.
  • Web based high quality video calling and conferencing, there is no hardware required other than a video camera for the same!
  • Multiple participants can share their applications or desktop with the video conferencing package from *astTECS in a seamless fashion
  • Presentation Control is another important aspect of this product – uploading of multiple Pdfs and docs can be handled along with sharing of presentation slides.
  • Audio Engagement is yet another important feature of the audio video conferencing solution from *astTECS. The presenter has complete control over the audio with mute, eject and un-mute options.

Video Conferencing system within IP PBX from *astTECS

The IP PBX System from *astTECS offers powerful video calling and conferencing capabilities. Multiple video sharing without using the external hardware along with presentation control and audio engagement capabilities is available in the system. This system also seamless integrates with existing EPABX systems within the organisation and thus offers a unique and hassle free transition for the customer.

The video conferencing system from *astTECS is based on an open source software application and offers advanced, powerful and user friendly features. These systems also help in improving the productivity and help in cost reduction. They are available in two kinds – rental & buy out solutions and hosted solutions. The features of these product bundles are listed below:

Rental & Buy out Solution:

  • *ast V15 – 1 Room & 5 members
  • *ast V55 – 5 Rooms & 5 members

Hosted Solution

  • *ast V15 – 1 Room & 5 members
  • *ast V15 – 1 Room & 5 members

VC Cloud/ Premise based Video Conference Solutions from *astTECS are built with a simple architecture that is easy to setup and use, secure, can be used anywhere with Internet and LAN and also have cross-platform functionality.

There are a variety of product bundles in the *ast VC Server suite – *ast VC 15, *ast VC55. The detailed specifications for these product bundles can be obtained online.

*astTECS is committed to high quality deliverables at amazingly competitive prices.