Terms of Service


*astTECS is offering Alefone as a service to its employees, but it is up to the employees to decide whether or not to use the service. The company is not forcing its employees to use the service, and as such, the employees are using it on their own will.

Furthermore, *astTECS will not be held responsible for any consequences that arise from the employee’s use of the service, whether directly or indirectly. This means that if an employee experiences any negative consequences as a result of using the service, such as legal, financial, or personal issues, the company will not be held liable for these consequences.

By using the Alefone services, you acknowledge that you are using it on your own will and that the *astTECS is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences of your actions. You understand that any decisions or actions taken by you as a result of using this service are your own responsibility and that the company will not be held liable for any negative outcomes or consequences that may arise from your use of the service. We encourage you to use the service responsibly and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.