*astTECS SmartPhone Gateway

Upgrade your old or existing PBX system to ‘A Smart Telephony System’


*astTECS offers the technology that is focused on improving your enterprise communication system.

  • Turn your existing or old PBX system into advance communication system.
  • Increase Flexibility & Mobility of your human resources.
  • Offer better availability for your customers / clients.
  • Calling & Receiving calls for your office extension at your smartphone.


Connect with Existing PBX via Smartphone

Our gateway lets you connect with your existing or outdated PBX System using your smartphone. Give a complete makeover to your PBX system and turn it into a high-tech platform, for better & flexible business communication.

Receiving & Dialing the landline calls in a Smart (phone) Way

By implementing *astTECS Smartphone gateway to your organization, your smartphone becomes the extension of your office phone; allowing you to get connected with your PBX system – Anytime / Anywhere*.

By default, you are always connected within your office premises. Once the PBX system can be accessible online, the connectivity becomes boundary-less.

Official Records Management

Now when you are getting all your business call at your smartphone, the PBX system is still recording all the history & call logs, which can easily be retrieved when required.

Benefits for Offices & Enterprises

As your office is now powered by *astTECS Smartphone gateway, the staff is not restricted to any particular place. You or your staff can have accessibility to all your customer’s calls at any instance.

The Lunch hours, Meetings, Coffee breaks, etc., are no longer can be excuses for the non-availability for your customers. Above all, your customer will be delighted to have a service with easy accessibility, & no waiting.

Supported Features

  • SIP for calls and instant messages.
  • Codecs : pcmu/a (aka G.711 {u-law/a-law}); speex; g722; GSM; iSAC; SILK (narrow-band/wide-band/ultra wide-band); G729; AMR (depending on device) and as extra plugin : OPUS; g726; g722.1; codec2.
  • Echo cancellation (with various backends : webRTC, speex, simple)
  • Auto speaker/earpiece option
  • API provided for other apps plugins.
  • Conference, transfer.
  • Secure call with TLS transport for SIP and SRTP or ZRTP for media.
  • Multi-account support: up to 10 accounts can be activated at the same time; Can use native audio driver
  • Integration with Android operating system with filters and rewriting rules