Small Business PBX Solution

Communication is the backbone of every businesses today and a lot of money is spent by organisations to keep it seamless and integrated. Small businesses too need some sort of a communication system, especially telephony systems. However, small businesses need a compact system that is cost effective and reliable. This is where a small business PBX system comes into the picture. It is increasingly becoming a part of advanced networks that integrate data, voice, wireless technology and video conferencing capabilities apart from other tools of business like – IM and other critical applications.Traditionally, a small business PBX used to be hardware at the business end used to connect phone lines and was used for automated routing of inbound calls to particular extensions. However, small business PBX solutions today are capable of much more than just automated routing of calls. They are integrated with data and even possess conferencing capabilities.

These days, IP telephony is the hot cake technology doing rounds in business circles and small business PBX solutions too are becoming increasingly IP based. This is because such a system is cost effective, integrated and seamless while also saving time. Also, in an IP based PBX system, the network complexity is less and far easier to manage as compared to traditional.

PBX systems from *astTECS

*astTECS has a wide array of latest PBX products , amongst them Mini IP PBX is designed for small enterprises . It the world’s smallest IP PBX and comes with a plug and play technology.

Mini IP PBX system from *astTECS has the following features:

  • 2 level IVR
  • Voice mail
  • Voice mail to email
  • Time Based Routing
  • Call Transfer
  • Call detail report
  • Support traditional analog connectivity
  • GSM connectivity
  • VoIP connectivity

*astTECS aims at providing quality small business PBX solutions at great prices.

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