IP-based PA System for Educational Institutions

Enhancing Communication, Ensuring Safety, and Enriching Campus Life!


IP-based PA System for Educational Institutions

Enhancing Communication, Ensuring Safety, and Enriching Campus Life!


Introducing *astPA, an IP-based PA system. The smart and innovative PA solution that is tailored for the smart class rooms of today.

Announce to a single class room, a grade, or the whole school. Schedule subject wise bells to each class room at different times. Trigger alarms from classrooms using a single click. Announce from anywhere.





What makes our public announcement special?

Modernize campus-wide communication with the *astTECS PA System. Its powerful features ensure that important announcements and daily updates are efficiently communicated across campuses and classes.


Built on SIP technology

Offers seamless and continuous communication across campus networks with SIP-based technology.

Announce-PA-system-from-anywhereFlexible broadcasting from anywhere

Tutors, administrators, and staff members can easily announce from desktop or mobile devices, from any location within the campus IP networks.

Role-based-access-controlRole-based access control

Access restrictions based on managerial roles ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the PA system.


Recorded announcements

Administrators can maintain quality control and ensure regulatory compliance by using the integrated recording feature to confirm the accuracy of announcements.


Zone-specific announcements

Educational institutes are segregated into different zones, such as classrooms, libraries, labs, and administrative offices.


Powerful PIN-based security

It provides strong PIN-based authentication, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring secure usage of the PA system.

Cloud-based-PA-solutionOffers optional cloud solution

We offer cloud-based PA solution, especially to satisfy the needs of educational institutions.


Subject specific time table module

Time tables can be unique for each class and announce important details such as the teacher, subject, and other information.

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⚫ Emergency notifications

Announce instant alerts during emergencies such as lockdowns, natural disasters, or medical emergencies.

⚫ Announcements in the classrooms

Notify students prior to any sudden changes to the schedule, exams, or other academic events.

⚫ Staff updates and meetings

Notify faculty and staff members about meetings, professional development opportunities, or policy changes.

⚫ Visitor guidance

Instruct visitors on navigating the campus, locating facilities, or following safety protocols to ensure a safe experience for all visitors.

⚪ Educate safety practices

Teach safety practices to help tutors and students become more prepared in times of emergencies.

⚪ Make people aware of the events

Inform the campus community about upcoming sports events, academic events, extracurricular activities, and cultural initiatives.

⚪ Easily accessible

No matter where a student sits, teachers should be able to reach them using the microphones that are placed on their desks.

⚪ Announce academic alerts

Inform students about crucial deadlines, library hours, and academic resources available on campus.

Empower your educators and ensure student safety with our reliable IP PA System



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