Automated Call Distribution System

Businesses all around employ call centers to handle customer care, sales and telemarketing. Automated call distribution systems are present in most call centers today to handle automatic calls routing to free agents so as to minimize response time and increase productivity and sales. Any powerful call center suite whether inbound, outbound or the complete package called Unified Communication Systems would definitely have automatic call distribution systems as an integral and key part.

What is an auto call distributor?

Auto call distributors are systems that distribute inbound calls to specific terminals based on the availability of agents and also their skill set. For instance, when IVR response from the customer requires an agent with a particular skill set (say, a loan enquiry from the customer), ACD routes the call to the agent who is free and who is also an expert adept at handling the query or complaint from the customer. A variety of call distribution algorithms and techniques are used by call center ACDs.

  • Facilitates intelligent routing capabilities
  • Smart Customer Service – caters to the exact needs of users
  • Skill based routing feature is available – reduces waiting time for user and agent and also improves productivity
  • Advanced Systems are integrated to the desktop and facilitate screen pop (CTI) with the details of the customer calling to the agent
  • Effective in smart campaigns when interfaced with predictive dialer systems – reduces waiting time for agents and screen unnecessary call waiting, busy signals, answering machine responses, etc.
  • Cost Effective
  • Increases productivity and reduces idle and waiting time of agents
  • Dispenses with the need for an operator to monitor inbound calls and switch them to appropriate terminals

Automatic Call Distributor from *astTECS

*astTECS offers ACD call center features in many of its powerful call center suite products like inbound call center suite and outbound call center suite.Auto Call Distribution is a basic and integral feature in both the products. *astTECS offers quality products at affordable and competitive prices.