Call Center PBX

Marketing and customer satisfaction being the key to sustenance of businesses, marketing strategies and customer care are areas wherein organisations must lend focus so as to increase revenue and market share. Call Center PBX Systems play an important role in handling customers as well as in running telemarketing campaigns. They are thus very popular and are in vogue in most businesses. A Call Center PBX is designed to handle a huge volume of inbound and outbound calls and is effective in managing call campaigns with their desktop integration and reporting capabilities.

What is PBX?

PBX stands for private branch exchange and is a telephone network used within an organization that connects the internal telephone lines to the PSTN. The latest amongst the PBX technologies is the IP PBX also known as the VoIP that allows calls via the internet.

What is a call center PBX?

A Call Center PBX System is a PBX within an organisation for handling inbound and outbound calls. It also has a lot of features that enable automatic handling of inbound calls from assigning them to free agents via ACDs (Automatic Call Distributors) to reporting features that pull up data based on a given set of criteria. The typical features include IVRs, call monitoring to help assess employee productivity and serve training purposes as well, conferencing capabilities, soft phone features that help agents answer, make calls from their desktops, integration to CRM systems that help in capturing logistics and bring up customer information to agents and predictive dialer systems.

Managing inbound and outbound calls seamlessly, Call Center PBX Systems help in cost reduction and also provide the organisation with metrics to gauge the productivity of employees involved in handling calls.

Call Center Products from *astTECS

*astTECS is amongst the leading vendors for call center related products.
The key offerings provided by *astTECS on Call Center Dialer product are:

  • ACD, IVR, Voice Logger and Voice Blasting
  • CRM and SMS integration
  • Live/Current agent monitoring
  • Report and Campaign Statistics
  • Voicemail to email

*astTECS have an edge over other products on the market owing to the below mentioned features:

  • Automatic Agent A/c lock on late login
  • Click to call functionality through website
  • GSM Predictive Dialer – saves time and effort for the agent
  • IVR Database retrieval
  • Dial in/out multiparty conference
  • Auto change of campaign according to time zone.

*astTECS is amongst the leading outbound dialer vendors and offers an unparalleled customer experience. Please visit the product page in our website for more details.