What is Tollfree Number?

Here, you will get everything you need to know about toll-free numbers. Toll-Free numbers will only increase inbound leads and customer experience.

Small businesses are always looking for solutions that can increase leads, scale up their sales, project them as bigger brands, providing a better customer experience.

All these problems can be solved by just one solution.

The answer to all the above questions is the toll-free number.

Toll-Free Number Explained?

A toll-free number is a number that is taken by brands so that customers can call the business without paying any charges.

Toll-Free numbers come with a pre-build perception that the companies having a toll-free number are bigger brands. It also increases the inbound calls traffic and hence generating more inbound leads.

Why your Business Needs Toll Free Number?

The main focus of every small business is to get customers right through the door and toll-free numbers can be the key to get in the customers.

There can be multiple benefits of having toll free number, some of them are:

  1. Display a bigger image for your business
  2. Generate more inbound leads
  3. Improved customer service
  4. Build marketing campaigns with toll-free numbers
  5. Provide 24*7 customer support

How do toll-free number works?

The workflow of the toll-free number is very simple:

  1. A customer dials the number displayed
  2. The call is then routed to the cloud server
  3. The cloud server connects the customer and business
  4. The business is charged for the call, the customer is not charged a single penny for the call.

How to apply for toll-free numbers?

It’s easy to get a toll free number for any business with service providers like *astTECS. No matter what is the size of your company, you can apply for a toll-free number and get it easily.

But, Before taking a toll-free number you should know exactly your requirements and why your business requires it. Is it required for international calling or domestic calling? How much budget can you allocate for a toll-free number? Do you need to scale up your marketing campaign and inbound lead generation? If you have answers to all of these questions, then you are good to go for it and contact *astTECS for your requirements.

Features of a Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers are used by many big and small organizations for different purposes such as lead generation, branding, customer service, etc. The toll-Free number comes with solid values with a ton of different features.

Here, we are mentioning some of the features:

  1. Call Tracking
  2. Live Panel
  3. Call Recording
  4. IVR Solution
  5. Call Reports
  6. CRM Integration

Do you want a toll-free number?

Are you ready to improve your customer satisfaction & generate more inbound leads with the toll-free number?

You just have to contact *astTECS @ +91 8066406640

Toll-free numbers can really help you in scaling your business and have a better brand image. Toll-free numbers can help all sizes of businesses. If you are not still adding it in your business strategy then get it now.