Save on International Business Calls with VoIP Minutes

Would you like to build your presence at an international level or are you already expanding in global markets? If so, VoIP technology can offer you a cost-effective and scalable solution.

Usually, the transition to new and advanced technologies is an expensive affair but it is contrary in the case of VoIP Systems. VoIP is comparatively less expensive than other traditional phone systems even after updating the hardware and considering high-speed internet cost.

With VoIP systems in place, users have to pay less for the same volume of calls when compared to traditional business phone systems because VoIP works on IP networks.

VoIP calls made using VoIP minutes provided by the providers are similar to data packets which can be transmitted over long distances easily without incurring extra charges based on distance, geographical boundaries or time.

How VoIP Calls/ VoIP Minutes Save Money for Businesses and Call Centers

Long- Distance Charges

Voice communication is the potential way to reach customers in the international markets and international calling is expensive over traditional phone systems. Even with a few international calls, phone bills can run into a thousand dollars.

But, VoIP considers no boundaries so long-distance charges disappear with the VoIP deployment. Businesses can easily purchase VoIP minutes from VoIP minutes providers at really low costs.

VoIP calls also eliminate the charges for the interoffice calls but it depends on the VoIP minutes plan you have subscribed to. VoIP is the best-suited technology for the modern work culture as it provides flexibility to work from anywhere to the employees.

Unlimited Calls

VoIP Minutes packages come with unlimited calls features which give you the flexibility to call internationally from India at a fixed rate which is paid monthly. This feature gives your team the freedom of making calls without worrying about charges per call.

Applications Integrations

VoIP is a modern technology that comes with its own set of advanced API’s to connect outside applications which makes the overall process smooth. Applications such as CRM, ERP Systems, and Softwares can easily be integrated providing the business managers with a customized dashboard view online.

No Installation Cost

VoIP minutes slides require any installation as they can be easily integrated with your existing phone system whether it is IP PBX or EPABX. Integration with the existing business phone system saves hardware cost and you can start international VoIP calls right away.


Today every business looks for flexibility in their work culture, VoIP technology is the right choice in case you are looking for a flexible and scalable solution. VoIP calls can be made using a laptop or mobile from any location, you just need to have good internet connectivity on your device.

Conclusion: International Calling without worries

VoIP minutes are a perfect solution for international business calls as it not only saves money on phone bills but also saves cost on infrastructure, hardware requirements as it can be easily integrated with the existing business phone system.

VoIP does not require any installation which allows you to start operating your international call center with VoIP calls as soon as you subscribe for VoIP minutes. *astTECS is a leading VoIP minutes provider that can provide you with the best solution for international and domestic business calls,

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