*astTECS Basic Asterisk Course


Table of Contents
1. Introduction to voip
I. What is EPABX?
What is IP-PBX?
Difference and advantages of IP-PBX over EPABX

II. Over view of asterisk
– What is asterisk?
– Open Source / GPL
– Codecs
– Hardware
– Advantages etc

2. Installing Asterisk
Installing LINUX and ASTERISK

I. Asterisk on Linux, why. Advantage, how
– Basic administration of Linux
– Explaining the installation document.
– Asterisk Components
– Pre-Install Requirements
– make, Make install

II. Install Linux & compiling Asterisk
– Compile the Code
– Starting Asterisk
– Connecting to Asterisk’s CLI
– Cli commands

Exercise on installing Linux and Asterisk with source code.

3. Configuring a Basic PBX
I. Asterisk File system introduction
Configuration Files
– Extensions.conf
– Sip.conf
– Soft phones / Types of soft phones
– IP Phones
Adding a phone
Adding a SIP Phone
Adding an Extension

II. Building a 2 Extension PBX
– Install X-Lite on your PC
Exercise on installing soft phone and configuring a SIP user account on it.

4. Configuration files
I. Important .conf files in asterisk.
– Extensions.conf
– Sip.conf
– Etc.,

5. Dial Plan
– Dial plan syntax
– Context
– Extensions
– Priority
– Unnumbered priorities
– Application
– Simple call dial plans
Exercise on simple call dial plans

6. Basic Call functions
– Registration of sip phones
– Codec, its usage
– Useful cli commands
– Set callerid, callername
– Monitor calls
– Making successful calls
– Calls using trunk
Exercise on basic level call function using multiple trunks, codec, setting callerid & callername, recording calls.

7. Extended Dial Plan
I. Dial plan variables:
– General Commands
– Control flow Commands
– Sounds Playback
– Voicemail
– Queue

8. Asterisk GUI
I. Web based GUI:
– PHP & Mysql
– PHP, Perl & Mysql
III. AstguiClient
– Call center solutions.

9. Asterisk Hard ware interfaces
I. Asterisk PRI interface
II. Asterisk GSM interface
III. Asterisk FXO-FXS interface
Exercise on creating dial plan using extended dial plan commands and installation of hardware and configure.

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