Announcement-*astTECS partners with Truecaller to bring in Efficiency and Safety to Daily Life Business Communication

The increasing number of calls from unidentified callers has led to disconnected experiences for users for years. 1 out of 4 calls received by users  are from someone outside of their  phonebook / saved contacts. As a result, users hesitate to pick calls from an unknown source due to lack of  TRUST in communication

Businesses tend to suffer from identity and context in communication with users which in turn impacts their brand reputation. On the other side, users are skeptical about the authenticity of these calls, the reason, and if it’s worth the time. As a result, genuine business calls are getting impacted.

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution enables businesses to stand out from the crowd of unverified calls.  A brand name, logo, call reason, category name, verified tick, and green badge ensures identity, trust, safety, and context to calls. Also,  gives users the power to distinguish relevant calls ensuring improved control of the calling workflow for businesses. Truecaller verified Business Caller ID Solution enables businesses to get brand protection from spammers and scammers.

Understanding Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution:

Users these days are flooded with  calls. The need to authenticate those calls is more critical than ever from a trust, safety and productivity perspective. Unfortunately, industry-wide, businesses tend to suffer from reaching their users, resulting in a poor user experience.

Truecaller Verified Business solutions is offering to solve this problem at scale and focus on this hygiene and legacy problem in daily life business communication. With use cases cutting across industry verticals our Verified Business Caller ID product has gained the confidence of users and businesses across sectors to add identity, trust, safety and context to business communication. The solution will amplify and help build an efficient and trustworthy call based communication experience for users and business alike.

Supported on Android

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Supported on iOS

Some key advantages for businesses with asstTECS X Truecaller for Business partnership:

Add  brand identity upfront: With this partnership, businesses will now be able to showcase themselves as verified businesses with their customized caller ID along with brand name, logo, category and green tick assuring identity, trust and safety. This will help them to get customers’ attention instantly and give the customers an assurance of a genuine business call.

Ensure trust and safety with Verified Badge: Businesses can now ensure a verified badge is displayed during the calls to safeguard their brand identity and prevent fraudulent usage of brand name. With untamperable logo & category tag businesses will now enjoy the benefit of being credible during business communication via calls. Users can be rest assured that it’s not a scam or spam call.

Add context with Call Reason: With the unique ‘Call Reason’ feature businesses can now convey their call reason even before a call is being picked up. This feature will improve customer confidence by communicating intent of call even before it is picked up.

Detailed Analytics : Businesses will be able to get data & insights into customer behaviour improving calling workflow. With comprehensive call analytics capabilities, *astTecs will be able to give businesses data driven insights into call pick-up rate analysis, spam reports analysis & user behavior, segmented call pattern analysis which will lead to informed decision making.

Priority Calling: This exclusive feature will allow businesses to mark time-sensitive, urgent calls as ‘Priority’. This feature will be particularly helpful for both users and businesses to avoid missing out on important reminders.
Network, OS and Device Agnostic Solution: The solution works seamlessly across different operating systems[Android & iOS], network, devices  and dialer types to display caller ID and receivers.

*astTECS with Truecaller for Business  will be providing enterprise business communication solution with:

  • Outbound Dialling
  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Voice logger
  • Call Reporting
  • Call Quality Monitoring
  • Spam Score Management
  • Priority Badge
  • Self-serve Portal
  • Brand Identity Protection

Priority Caller ID

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