*astTECS launches video conferencing solution

~ Published by Telecom Lead India. Date:2012-08-02 11:25:20, India

Telecom Lead India: The Bangalore-based *astTECS has launched its video conferencing solution integrated in *astTECS IP-PBX.

The company is trying to leverage guidelines in the National Telecom Policy 2012.


This point to point and multi-point, voice conferencing capability in NTP-2012 compliant *astTECS IP- PBX effectively makes video conferencing affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The recently announced NTP-2012 is an initiative by the department of telecom to create an integrated guideline to ensure affordable and effective communication for the citizens and organizations and recommends framework for increasing the availability of spectrum for telecom services that include voice, data and video.

The *astTECS – IP PBX series with video conferencing enables organizations to conduct high quality multi-point video conferencing at an affordable price.

The videoconferencing solution integrates seamlessly with *astTECS IP-PBX, which support from 25 to 300 users. Using a single IP network for voice and video applications, the solution allows businesses to reduce costs, simplify network infrastructure and leverage video communication as a significant component.

Levis Wilson, COO of *astTECS claims that integrating video conferencing, with IP-PBX has been gaining ground, offering surprisingly powerful video features on inexpensive hardware. This assists companies to save companies costs and to position itself as a mainstream productivity tool.

As enterprises begin to use on-demand videoconferencing as an inter and intra-company collaboration tool the benefits are inherent and extending video interaction to employee conferences can make sessions more focused, productive and potentially shorter thereby saving huge travel costs.