astTECS Expands Global Operations – Appoints Partner in Fiji


September 22, 2014

Initiative aimed at strengthening the company’s presence in new markets

*astTECS, a leading provider of Enterprise Telecom Technology Products and Asterisk based Open Source Communication Solution, today announced that the company is expanding operations in Fiji and has appointed Office Products/GEM (Fiji) Limited, one of the foremost systems integrators in Fiji with vast experience in managing enterprise communication solution, as its partner.


Fiji is one of the most industrialized pacific island countries and this initiative is aimed at strengthening the company’s presence in new markets that are growing rapidly by providing product sales and Asterisk support & solutions to an expanding base of customers and partners,” said Mr. Binish VJ, International Business Manager, *astTECS Through this relationship, Office Products/GEM (Fiji) Limited will enable local businesses to benefit from *astTECS product line and offer them a wide range of cost- effective, highly flexible and versatile communication solution to suit their needs along with full spectrum of support.

*astTECS develops solutions that utilizes the power of Open Source and IP changing the way businesses stay connected. With more customers looking at Open Source communication solutions that helps reduce business software / hardware needs and maintenance costs, resulting in more efficient operation and lower TCO yielding quick ROI. *astTECS offers the most comprehensive, integrated and compelling telecom infrastructure solution based on Asterisk platform that are feature rich, improve consistency & performance and creates a scalable, stable and resilient network that optimizes value.