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Why 60% Call Centers are moving to GSM Gateways?

An estimated 60% Call centers are switching over to GSM Gateways considering the benefits of using GSM trunks as against FXO, PRI, or SIP trunks. Have you evaluated the advantages this technology brings to your call center?

Call Center Dialers can be connected to SIM Server GSM Gateways in which SIM cards can be inserted. The incoming as well as outbound calls will go through the SIM cards inserted in the GSM SMS  Gateways. How does this technology improve the RoI?

Advantages of Using GSM Gateway in Call Centers:

  • High Answer Seizure Ration (ASR)
  • Optimal Service Provider
  • Ensures Business Continuity

How GSM Gateway in Call Centers helps you increase ROI?

High ASR:

ASR or Answer Seizure Ratio indicates the percentage of calls answered by customers during outbound dialing. Humans tend to answer calls more from a mobile number, as compared to a landline number generated by FXO, PRI or SIP trunk. Therefore, usage of GSM Gateways will result in high ASR, which inturn results in higher RoI.

Optimal Service Provider Choice:

SIMs from multiple providers can be inserted into the Multi SIM GSM Gateway. If there is an outage from one service provider, SIMs from next service provider can be used. SIM banks are also available, where more number of SIMs can be inserted into a Multi SIM GSM Gateway and may be used in turn. A 128 SIM Bank can be attached to a SIM Box GSM Gateway  with 32-modules.GSM gateways are available in different variants like 4/8/16/32 port for all types of businesses. This feature also helps to make use of free calls available and thereby reducing the call cost.

Ensure business continuity:

From time to time, numbers might get blocked due to some misunderstandings or wrong usage of the system. In case of GSM Gateway, the SIMs can be changed to ensure business continuity.

Use Free SMS:

Most of the SIMs come with Free SMS packages. The customer may send SMS messages from their Dialer of CRM/ERP to provide feedback information to their customers using GSM Gateway.

Considering the above multiple benefits, many call-centers are replacing their existing infrastructure with GSM Gateways. They are able to achieve much higher RoIs using this technology.

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