GSM Dialer

The GSM based Telecalling Solution

*astTECS GSM based dialing solution use GSM Sim card as Trunk to make outbound calls in integration with the GSM Gateway. These Gateways are capable to carry 4, 8,16, & 32 Sim cards slots. The setup equipped the call centers to use latest technologies such as VoLTE.

GSM based Dialer for Call Center Setup in Remote Location

With GSM based dialer, the entrepreneurs are no more bound to start their call centers depending on the availability of the PRI connectivity. Hence the setup can be start from any remote locations and rural areas, thereby saving the capitals on rental or purchase of the prime properties.

VoLTE support dialer to embrace the benefits of technology

With the entry of JIO sim to India market, the call rates have been reduced like never before. Mostly the voice calls are FREE for a fix rental. The VoLTE dialer such as Jio Sim based dialer lets the call center cut down their operational cost by adapting the advancement in the telecom.

Alternative solution for PRI Dialing

The PRI dialing has restricted reach. Receivers are recognizing calls made from PRI line by its number pattern. Under some circumstances, receivers can easily choose not to connect with the calls made using PRI lines. Whereas, with the GSM dialers, the number displayed is a Mobile number, and hence, has more penetration.

Who should choose GSM based Dialer

  • Direct Sales Agents
  • Telemarketing Agents
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Real Estate companies
  • Credit card sales
  • Loan / Collection Departments

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