*astDial – Cloud Based Mobile Dialer

*astDial, Cloud Based Mobile Dialer is a Plug and Play technology for domestic contact centers who want to operate on OPEX model. *astDial combines the ubiquity of Cloud Technology with mobility of Mobile technology to create a unique solution eliminating infrastructure requirements for a call center. It is easy to install and use with internet connection at the agent location either through WiFi / Mobile data / broadband connection.

Agents can go live with very few simple step:

  1. Activate your *astDial account
  2. Upload contact on cloud
  3. Install *astDial app in Mobile Phone
  4. Start calling

The campaigns are also managed centrally in the *astDial cloud server and agents can login with their mobile apps and operate remotely. Agent can now have the flexibility to work from home or any other places in convenient time.

*astDial comprises of three main components:

  • A management application in the Cloud, where leads can be uploaded and also monitor the agent status
  • An app installed on the agent mobile, which facilitates dialing and lead updates
  • An app installed on the admin mobile, which displays leads and the agents’ status


  • App Based Login and Calling.
  • Attendance Monitoring.
  • LIVE Call Recordings.
  • LIVE Call Reports.
  • Agent performance report.
  • Reports and Campaign Statistics.
  • Real Time Supervision.

Benefits :

  • Minimal Investment : No upfront cost, Pay-per-month.
  • Start Immediately : Activate your account, upload contact on cloud & start calling.
  • No Landlines or PRI Required : All calls made via SIM, only cell-phone needed.
  • Efficiency : New representatives can be trained in no time and immediately start working with *astDial Mobile dialer.
  • Lead Recycling : Effective utilization of Leads.

Advantages :

  • Agents operate remotely.
  • Create unlimited agents.
  • Preview leads before dialing.
  • Scheduled Callbacks
  • Add custom call dispositions per campaign
  • Recycling of specified status calls at a specified interval without resetting a list
  • Online console to start and stop the dialer.
  • Web-based data export utilities.

Application Scope:

  1. Direct Sales Agents (DSAs)
  2. Call Centers. Telemarketing Agencies
  3. Education
  4. Telecom
  5. Real Estate

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