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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the benefits of *astTECS Guarantee*?

  • » A faster and efficient redressal of valid, true and correct claims by Buyers
  • » Claims may be entered claimin under Customer Support [chat, email or phone support]
  • » *astTECS Global Support Centre will actively follow up with buyers to get cases resolved as soon as possible.
  • » No processing fee

What type of claims are accepted?

A buyer may raise a claim if he has not received the item or the item received was in a damaged condition.

What kind of transaction is covered?

Any transaction done on *astTECS Online Store is protected under *astTECS Guarantee*.

What is the amount covered under *astTECS Guarantee*?

The entire amount paid by the buyer, including shipping charges are covered.

Does the price quoted include shipping charges?

Yes. The price quoted is inclusive of shipping charges.

Does the price quoted include customs clearance charges, if applicable?

No, the customer has to pay for the customs clearance charges as applicable to the country they belongs to.

What happens if I am unable to carry out customs clearance?

The customer is responsible for the customs clearance and be sure that you have all documents required for clearance.

The customer will be liable for all damages consequent to non-performance of customs clearance.

How do I make the payment?

The payment can be made through wire transfer, paypal or through credit/debit cards.

What is the warranty given for Hardware components? Will I get a replacement if the hardware becomes defective during the warranty period?

All *astTECS products are having one year warranty from the date of shipment. For some items warranty is more and are mentioned specifically. Defective components shall be replaced by *astTECS.

Will I get the system installed by *astTECS?

If customer prefers to have the installation done by *astTECS, they have to opt for this. Additional charges are applicable for system configuration and installation. Please contact *astTECS Global Support Management Centre.

Post installation, will I get software support from *astTECS?

All installation done by *astTECS will have three months free support. After that customer can opt for SLA (Service Level Agreement). Contact *astTECS Global Support Management Centre for further details.

How do I file a claim with *astTECS?

Customer can contact *astTECS Global Support management Centre and register the claim.

When can I file a claim with *astTECS?

A buyer can file a claim within 30 days of delivery of hardware.

What happens if I file a complaint after the timeline is over?

If the buyer raises a claim after 30 days of payment realization, *astTECS will not protect the buyer. However, the buyer may contact ASGC for possible trouble shooting/configuration.

I am a buyer who paid via Cheque / Demand Draft and I have filed an Item Not Received claim. What will happen next?

  • » *astTECS will check for the realization of payment.
  • » *astTECS will ask for the proof of delivery from the courier services. If consignment is held at buyers customs department, buyer has to arrange for customs clearance.
  • » In case the item is not delivered either to the customs department of the buyers region or to the buyer itself within 30 days of dispatch, *astTECS will make a refund or fresh dispatch of the item.

Payment made via which mode is covered under *astTECS Guarantee*?

Payments made via all accepted payment methods are covered for all items.

How do I come to know that the payment has been credited to you?

Immediately after confirmation of credit of payment in our account, *astTECS will send a confirmation mail to the customer followed by shipment information and softcopy of the invoice.

How will I receive my refund?

You will receive a refund on the original payment mode. For cheque and Demand Draft, the same shall be couriered on to your registered contact address.

I have received the item. But when I connected and started the system, it is not coming up. What do I do?

  • » Please check for any physical visible damage.
  • » Check for constant uninterrupted power supply.
  • » Please contact *astTECS Global Support Centre

What are the charges to file for *astTECS Guarantee* protection?

A buyer will not be charged any amount or processing fee to file a claim on *astTECS Guarantee*.

I have received a broken / damaged product?

If you receive a broken or damaged product, you should approach *astTECS immediately. Please take snap shots of the damaged item and sent to *astTECS.

*astTECS Global Support Management Centre engineer will examine and approve return of the hardware.

When will I get replacement of the damaged item?

*astTECS, will issue a replacement within 14 days of receipt of return shipment.

I want to return the hardware because I have stopped my business.

Please contact *astTECS Global Support Management Centre for Buy Back options.

I have opened and connected the system but now I donít like it. Can I return the system?

The hardware return provision becomes null and void if the package is opened, system is connected and put to use.

I want to add few more new reports. Will you support?

Yes. *astTECS Global Support Management Centre would assess the commercials involved and on receipt of advance payment, the task will be assigned.

When are returns not possible?

  • » Return request is made after the specified time limit.
  • » Product is damaged because of improper use or Hardware/software alterations.
  • » Products with tampered / missing seals.
  • » Products with tampered or missing serial numbers.
  • » Items that are returned without original packaging and accessories.