Zoho CRM Integration with Asterisk based Call Center Dialer

Integrating Asterisk based *astTECS Call Center Dialer Software with Zoho CRM lets agents to make Outbound Calls & Receive Inbound Calls directly on Zoho CRM Dashboard modules.

All your inbound calls, Oubound calls and missed calls gets captured automatically on Zoho CRM”

  • Lead Management:

    • CRM Campaign enabled
    • CRM Lead Ownership
  • Customized Report:

    • Agent based Call Report
    • Call Drop Statistics
  • Sales Productivity:

    • Calls figure via CRM
    • Agents based Statistics
  • Control Calls via CRM:

    • Make Calls via CRM
    • Terminate Call via CRM
  • Call Logs Update:

    • Add Call Description
    • Missed Call Update
  • Call Notification:

    • Outgoing Call Popup
    • Incoming Call Popup

CRM Integration Features:

  • Inbound Calls captured automatically: All the inbound calls received to call center dialer will be automatically updated  into Zoho CRM with *astTECS Call Center Dialer integration.
  • Call Management: Calling, tracking, analyzing the performance of leads and listening to call recordings is possible on single paltform with integration of  *astTECS Call Center Dialer and  Zoho CRM.
  • Missed a Call? Don’t Worry: Now, Get the notification of missed call so that you don’t miss any lead. We belive every lead is important for your business.

Calling via Zoho CRM:

  • “Click to Call” Feature via Zoho CRM for Outbound Calls.
  • Receiving Call via Zoho CRM for Inbound Calls.
  • Notificaton Popup on Screen for Call Connecting, Call Attended, Call Termination.

For More Info on Integrating Zoho CRM with *astTECS Call Center Dialer, Please Contact us or Refer the “Installation Setup Procedure”