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Are you looking for
a Voice Logger
compatible to your PABX ???

Or, would you like to achieve any of these:

* Can I enable recording for selected user?
* Can I have On-Demand recording ?
* Can I download & play files remotely ?
* Is it possible to auto-backup all recordings ?

*astTECS Smart Logger

We all aware that our traditional EPAZBX never can help us to record the calls for quality, monitoring, legal or training purposes. *astTECS Smart Logger pioneered in call recording and additional multiple features on open source application comes with the facilities which can be integrated with your existing PABX and record all the calls.

astTECS hands on experience in telecom industries have created these smart loggger system which can help customer not only to record their calls but other multiple features not available in normal EPABX.

Product Highlights

  • Call recording in Multiple Formats
  • DNC scrubbing (optional)
  • Voice mail boxes for EPABX extensions
  • Open Source Engine
    • IVR Module (Optional)
    • Least Cost Routing
    • Multiple Trunk Lines

*astTECS Smart Voice Logger records all your incomming & outgoing calls in an organized format, including – date-time, incoming & outgoing numbers, duration & more informations.

This makes it easy to retervive & listen to any conversation.

Voice Logger Benefits

Whether you are in Sales & Telemarketing, Collections, or Customer Support in any vertical, our Voice Logger will help you store and track important correspondence for training as well quality assessment. If you wish to ensure service quality and highest customer satisfaction, our flexible and pre-integrated solution is best for you.

  • Record all calls- Automatically record all conversations and keep a track of inbound and outbound interactions between agents and customers for quality assurance with our no-bar recording.
  • Search capability- Ease of searching through voice records without endless maze of menus and buttons. Associate records with specific voice logs (E-mail history, chat history, etc) to enhance efficiency in operations.
  • Data Security- Access to supervisors, managers, administrators or other qualified users only with strong security features to ensure data security for the voice logs and records.
  • Multiple format support- The voice logs in MP3 format or GSM format.
  • Ease of reporting and viewing- Access voice logs online and create comprehensive reports. Easily manage centralized or distributed agent workforce, and related voice records efficiently from any corner of the world.
  • Unified interface- Quick links (record, replay, forward, etc) allow you to perform routine functions with a single click.

Voice Logger In Sales:

  • Replaying calls to improve sales technique
  • Listening to real-life examples of sales best practice

Voice Logger in Management:

  • Focusing on the situation at hand by eliminating note- taking
  • Replaying unclear calls for clarity

*astTECS Product Bundles

*ast VL 30 – 30 concurrent calls
*ast VL 60 – 60 concurrent calls
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