*astTECS Bulk Voice Call Solution – Reduce your Sales Effort Substantially

A Preliminary Intro

Bangalore is famously known as “The Startup capital of India” as numerous startups are founded and funded every day in this fast-growing city, in 2022 Bangalore topped the startup funding chart with $10.8 billion in funds. One such start-up is Delta Marketing founded by a couple that offers a wide range of gifting solutions for numerous corporate clients. Their sales are seasonal hence, their goal is to reach a maximum number of contacts/leads within the short span of time possible.
Most companies want to get their corporate merchandise like calendars, diaries, and T-shirts published before the start of a new year, this means the month of November & December usually become a very busy time for Delta Marketing and other similar businesses. The process includes cold calling prospects, explaining the range of products, collecting orders, preparing the products and shipping them at the right time to the right customer.

Pain Points

The founders identified that a great span of their time is spent on cold-calling potential prospects. These cold calls are a necessary evil, but at the same time it consumes most of their time and energy. This internship dilutes their focus on product development, product innovation and limits their attention to existing clients.
Second, and most obvious is National Consumer Preference Register where customers who have indicated their preference to limit the telemarketing calls they receive, which is known as DNC. If such customers are approached, Delta Marketing will be liable for disconnection of telephony service on the first complaint and their address may be blacklisted for a period of two years.

Try Bulk voice call for Free
Claim your Free Credits of Rs. 100/-

Try Bulk voice call for Free

Claim your Free Credits of Rs. 100/-

Approached – *astTECS Bulk Voice Call Solution

Last November, the team at Delta Marketing experimented with *astTECS the best bulk voice call solution provider in the market. They created informative voice messages, on product information, pricing and special offers. Ran multiple campaigns with bulk voice calling and also prompted actions from the listener through IVR the interactive actions during the call, that is, if the listener wants to connect with Sales, they can press 1, press 2 for knowing about the product range, etc. At the end of each campaign, the filtered list with interested/potential clients was downloaded from the *astTECS Bulk Voice Calling solutions reporting GUI. This saved them a lot of time and money by skipping manual calls made to uninterested clients.

The Second Benefit was the list uploaded by Delta Marketing was checked against the National Consumer Reference Register before sending the bulk voice message. Pre-filtering and removing all contacts registered as DNC numbers helped prevent the number from being blacklisted and possible fines.

Looking for Bulk Voice call Solution?

Looking for Bulk Voice call Solution?

The Benefits derived from Bulk Voice Calling Solution

  • The sales team is now interacting with only interested/potential prospects.
  • The prospects are aware of the product and the purpose of calling, thereby reducing the sales cycle.
  • More interested prospects were reached with less effort and time investment.
  • They were able to have more focus on product development and company growth.

About Bulk Voice Call Services

Running a Bulk Voice Calling campaign is easy and highly user-friendly, all you need to do is to follow these 4 simple steps.

Benefits of using Bulk Voice Call Solution

  1. Prepare a voice message file (Use this)
  2. Upload your contact list using a CSV file, it will get checked using our inbuilt DNC scrubber (Do Not Call).
  3. Setup a campaign by providing date, time, and voice messages.
  4. Execute the campaign and download the report.

Generate more leads with Bulk voice call service

Generate more leads with Bulk voice call service