How an Education Consultancy scaled its team by 2X using a Mobile-based Dialer  

To run an education consultancy, one has to reach out to a lot of candidates. Contacting potential clients at this huge volume is not an easy task.

Sales executives have to key in the phone number on their mobile phones, and after every call, maintain the feedback of the call on an excel file, and then the manager, has to wait till the end of the day to get the report from the team. It becomes a tedious and time-consuming job for everyone, which results in a reduced number of calls. Additionally, managers would have to wait till the end of the day to receive the status of each potential client contacted by the sales executives, no real-time updates are available for the manager to analyze the performance.

Have you ever stopped and asked, how much time is saved if this process can be automated? If you haven’t, it is never too late! Turn your Android smartphone into a call center software. Yes, YOU READ IT RIGHT! *astDIAL Mobile based dialer converts any smartphone into a call center solution.

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The Background

Mr. Shubham Singh, Director of Gurugram (India) based Education Consultancy firm had a team of 20 education consultants. His team used to call salaried professionals and encourage them to opt for post-graduation courses from associated universities.

But due to the higher rent and high maintenance charges of the office space in Gurugram, the company was incurring a huge loss. In order to save the money, he had to reduce his team size (Cost Cutting Step), which resulted in poor sales figures and further reduced the number of calls drastically.

With the fear of running out of business, Mr. Shubham Singh approached *astTECS, seeking for a solution, where he can try running the business from home, without any infrastructure cost.

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Solution Offered :

As per the requirement of Mr.Shubham Singh, *astTECS offered him a zero infrastructure cost, work from home calling solution *astDIAL.

What is astDial?

*astDIAL is an Android based mobile application for outbound calling process, that turns any smartphone into a call center application without spending money on the expensive infrastructure to set up a traditional call center.

Mr. Shubham Singh restarted his process with 10 consultants. But this time his entire team was working from home and he had closed his office space. Sitting in front of his computer, Mr. Singh was now able to do the following activities:

  • Distribute the data to the sales executives to dial.
  • Track the number of calls his team made, and the real-time feedback received for each call.
  • Monitor teams’ activities on the real time basis.
  • Track the performance of each Sales Executive.

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The *astDIAL app also helped the consultants in the following ways:

  • Completing more number of calls using the advanced auto dialing feature.
  • Reduced the dialing errors
  • Reduced reporting effort and time
  • Easy managing of callbacks


At present, Mr. Shubham Singh is running his entire business process with the WFH model with more than 40 consultants in his team and expanded the business to other cities like Delhi & Noida. Which may not have been possible without his determination to succeed, and the availability of cloud technology like *astDIAL.

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