Why *astTRAC?

A complete monitoring and data management system to enhance field force communication and productivity by 50%.

Location Tracking

Know employee live Geo-location and monitor sales meeting logs. Look at their route, meetings done and tasks completed.

Live Reports

View all the live reports in the CRM Dashboard. Get all the updates of the field employees activities on your system via automated emails.

Inbuilt CRM

Manage employees meetings data, prospects details, view performance and productivity reports on the CRM dashboard to get better insights.


About *astTRAC

*astTrac is the field force productivity app, that lets your organization manage following activities effectively:

  • • Schedules the meetings and notifies the executives
  • • Lets executive to capture the meeting notes from the meeting location
  • • Lets user maintain purpose for various meetings
  • • Creates or maintains the customer profiles, and their meeting records
  • • Maintains records on daily distance traveled by each user
  • • Allows user to maintain track of revenue generated by each customer
  • • Allows user to capture images of site location, requirements & meeting notes
  • • Allows user to upload food and traveling expenses
  • • Allows management to review the uploaded data with auto generated location
  • • Present the team’s locations on Google Map

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Activities Captured by *astTRAC

*astTrac captures events and activities that gives the valuable information on the field forces day to day actions. This information can be evaluated to transform your organization into more productive ecosystem.



With any event uploaded using the android app (such as meeting inputs, or an image captured), the data is stored in the CRM with the coordinates of this event. Also, the coordinates are being captured with the change in time, or change in location.

The managers can view the complete footprint of their field executives displayed on the Google Map.

An additional monitoring app, designed only for managers, will let them see the latest location of the entire team collectively on the map. This makes easier for the manager to allocate the leads, meetings and service tickets to the executive that can attend the customer in the most optimize time.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Hence the field force can now click the pictures of anything the want to capture.

  • • Capturing the Display Board of the company they would like to prospect
  • • Capturing the competitors proposals, brochures, or other marketing materials
  • • Capturing the site condition before any deployment requirement
  • • Capturing the condition on product, with client, before any service attempt
  • • Capturing the QR code or Unique code on the product package, while delivering to the customer
  • • Capturing the image of Cheque, Demand Draft, or Cash Collected with the customer

All these images are being stored in the backend CRM, with location, date & time of the image. Hence, this avoid any dispute and confusion in the process.


Meeting Info

The user are equipped with the app to input meeting details. The app facilitates the user to input all them important parameters to log a meeting. From name and phone number of the customer, to the purpose of the meeting.

This in turn present multiple reports to the managers on which kind of meetings are delivering better result to the company, and which kind are wasting the time.

With these information at their side, the managers can take the wise decisions on remodeling their sales and support processes to achieve smaller turn-around-time.

Meeting information can also collect – Delivery Status, Service update, order value, sample requested.
Note : We customize the app / fields to capture required inputs.


Field forces enjoy the benefits of travel allowance and travel expenses. But, with the busy schedule they do not collect all the expense information. They try to generate it based on the assumptions and the bills left available with them.

With *astTrac, the executives can capture the receipt image from their phone on the go. Also, the distance traveled by them are now directly accessed by their managers and the accounts team. Hence it becomes much easier for the executives, to claim the reimbursements.

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App Screenshots

Take a tour to the astTrac gallery to view various screenshots of the *astTrac App.

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*astTRAC Use Cases

Sales Management

Keep track of your sales meetings. Assign the new leads & meetings based on the current location of your team.

Delivery Management

Capture the routes taken by the delivery vehicles. Optimize the travel & take the best route to manage all your customer locations.

Travel Expense Management

The android app allows the user the upload the expense receipt. The accounts team now have the access to the expenses made and the distance traveled. Hence the travel allowances can be paid early

Services Management

If you have a team offering services at the client location, you can collect the service requests in your office and update the executive near to this location on their mobile phone.

Document Collection

All the required documents from the customer can be scanned over the phone and saved to the cloud server with the customer records.

Fleet Tracking Management

Know your fleets and vehicles current locations. With locations of your fleet in your computer, you can give more satisfactory answers to your customer calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

If you got any query? Here you go! Don't hesitate to ask any Question! We are happy to help with your questions. Here you go! Don't hesitate to ask any Question! We are happy to help with your questions.

*astTRAC - Built for Business Tracking Solution, One Stop APP for all Business needs, with Live Location, Meeting Management, Delivery Tracking Solution, Inbuilt CRM Management for Sales & Delivery Agents to Upload Data from Client end.

Introducing the Most Advanced Business/Location Tracking App for Field force. The Solution you always wanted.

100% User Friendly App designed for Agents Handling in Uploading the Live Report, with hassele free Operation.

An Android App to Capture all Meeting, Field Visits Details for Delivery & Sales. Added inbuilt CRM to Upload Insights. *astTRAC comes with Budget friendly Plans as per user Need.

What is *astTRAC?
*astTrac is an location tracking application that is designed to track your field force by updating the location coordinates to the central system with date / time, audio messages and images captured using smartphones and mobiles.
How can I Install the App?
Go to Google play store then search astecs. It will show *astTRAC apk 0.16 for andriod. Then download it and install on your device.
Can I integrate the *astTrac with my own CRM?
astTrac uses a CRM to manage the uploaded data. This CRM can be further extended to a full-fledged CRM as well. However, if you still want to integrate the data to your own CRM, you can easily do with the Rest APIs.
Can I get reports on daily meetings by my entire team, send to my email?
The admin gets the daily mail on the distance traveled & meetings attended by the CRM users. We can also integrate instant messaging tools such as SMS or Whatsapp to get frequent updates.
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