What *astTRAC Does?

  • Track & Manage Meetings
  • Track Employee Live GPS Location
  • Monitor Field Employee Activity
  • Travel Expenditure Imbursement
  • Assign leads on basis of Employee Location
  • Field Activity Update via Mobile CRM
  • Inbuilt Mobile CRM



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    About *astTRAC

    *astTRAC is the field force Productivity App, that lets your organization manage following activities effectively.

    • Schedules the meetings and notifies the executives
    • Lets executive to capture the meeting notes from the meeting location
    • Creates or maintains the customer profiles, and their meeting records
    • Maintains records on daily distance traveled by each user
    • Allows user to maintain track of revenue generated by each customer
    • Allows user to capture images of site location, requirements & meeting notes
    • Allows user to upload food and traveling expenses
    • Allows management to review the uploaded data with auto generated location

    Why *astTRAC?

    • Location Tracking

      • Employee Live Location
      • Sales Meeting Logs
      • Assign Client Route
    • Live Reports

      • Mobile CRM Dashboard
      • Manage Task via Mobile
      • Employee Logs to E-Mail
    • Inbuilt CRM

      • Track Meeting via CRM
      • Update Data via Mobile
      • Productivity Insights

    Activities Captured by *astTRAC

    *astTRAC Use Cases

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