Contact Center Software (Cloud & On-Premise Phone System)

Contact Center Software & Hardware Solution for your Business built on Open Source – Asterisk Dialer System with UX Customization. Compatible With SIP, PRI Gateways, GSM & 4G VoLTE Gateways, VOIP Trunk Connectivity for assured 65% Cost Reduction VOIP Technology for International Calls.

*astTECS Contact Center Phone System are deployed under various areas,

  • Call Centers & BPO’s
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Tele-Marketing Agencies
  • Real Estate & Banking Sectors

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    Contact Center Features:

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    Dialer Solution Benefits:

    • CRM Integration (Inbuilt-CRM)
    • ERP Integration  (Any ERP)
    • WhatsApp Integration
    • Call Blasting
    • Work From Home Option
    • Integrated IVR
    • Dynamic Call Routing
    • Click 2 Call
    • Inbound/Outbound Dialer
    • Agents Call Analytics
    • Agent Intercalling Support
    • Inbuilt Call Recording

    Inbound Contact Center Dialer:

    *astTECS Inbound Solutions can provide sizeable improvement to the productivity of your contact center. Skill based routing organizes incoming contacts and sends them to the most appropriate agents.

    Product Highlights

    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Skill based Routing
    • Most idle agent based routing
    • Call backup scheduling
    • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    • Call conferencing
    • Inbound Call pop up
    • Real time supervision

    Outbound Contact Center Dialer:

    *astTECS Outbound Predictive Dialer effectively integrates all outbound processes (telemarketing, Sales, Surveys, Collections, etc.) with the process life cycle. It precisely manages outbound calling to achieve maximum productivity by supporting a variety of campaign and list management strategies.

    Product Highlights

    • Auto, Progressive & Predictive Dialing
    • Longest idle agent based routing
    • Multiple campaign management
    • Agent inter dialing support
    • DNC list management
    • Real time supervision
    • Call Transfer
    • Outbound ACD
    • Call back scheduling
    • Multiple dialing modes
    • Call forward & 3-way conferencing
    • Agent call intervention
    • Music on Hold
    • Call Retrieval
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    Product Variants:

    Product Variants No.of Agents
    *ast C5 5 Agents
    *ast C10 10 Agents
    *ast C30 30 Agents
    *ast C60 60 Agents
    *ast C100 100 Agents

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