*astTECS Video Conferencing


An affordable cloud based
Video Conferencing Solution

Monthly Use 5 Partnersbuy-vc
INR 2500 / Month
Monthly Use 10 Partnersbuy-vcINR 3500 / Month
Single Use 5 Partnersbuy-vcINR 1000 / 90 Mins

Our cloud based video conferencing solution is designed focusing to low volume video conferences. Based on Pay-&-Use model, *astTECS Video Conferencing is an ideal solution for discussions, meetings, conferences with your colleagues, clients and partners. *astTECS Video Conferencing eliminates the distances & barriers, to have face to face meeting. It uses technology for video conferencing, sharing of documents, and sharing the Whiteboard over the internet.

*astTECS Video Conferencing can address the requirement for any kind of industry ranging from:

  • School to College
  • Tutorials to University
  • Clinic to Multi Specialty Hospital
  • Start up to MNCs


  • Desktop Sharing
  • Multi Layout
  • Public Chat and Private Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Recording
  • Virtual White-Board and tools


  • Plug and play
  • Secured accessibility
  • Real time file sharing
  • Integrated collaboration tools

Be the smartest user by using *astTECS Video Conferencing for richer and smoother experience than the standard video conference. Just relax, we will help you connect and collaborate with all the high standard features.

With the *astTECS Video Conferencing you can enjoy HD quality audio and video on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. You have a great option of using the Video Conference accessories like Mic Speaker and Webcam of your choice as *astTECS Video Conferencing is compatible with most of the video conference accessories.

Say no to server.
Say no to licensed version
Say no to vendor locking
Say no to high investment
Say YES to the smart technology of Video Conference.

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