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PABX System

What are PABX Systems?

PBX Systems used to require the presence of an operator to switch/route calls. Today however, the need for an operator has been eliminated altogether and routing of calls within the organization happens automatically and thus the name – PABX system, Private Automatic Branch Exchange. These are called PBX systems in short today as all PBXs are automatic today.
Latest Trends in PABX Systems

VoIP PABX systems are becoming popular owing to their cost effective powerful features and exploit the power of the internet. With the advent of IP telephony, the communication industry has been revolutionised and unified communication systems that combine data, voice, desktop integration, IM, email integration, SMS and conferencing capabilities in a single package that hosts a suite of powerful applications.

Apart from these features, one of the main advantages of VoIP PABX systems are that they connect people across the globe in a seamless fashion and thus help in strengthening communication within the organisation. Also, operational cost is reduced as long distance calls can be placed over the data network which offers low rates as compared to traditional lines.
Products from *astTECS

*astTECS has a wide range of products and PABX systems from *astTECS are amongst the best in the market, offering powerful features at competitive prices. At *astTECS, we aspire for high performance at impeccable quality standards.

The IP PBX suite from *astTECS is a complete package and offers all the features a proprietary PBX system offers along with advanced features like high quality video calling and conferencing, audio bridging and seamless integration with existing EAPBX systems.

*astTECS offers a unique IP PBX package with high quality video conferencing capabilities. The features are listed below:

Audio and Video Conference
Voice Mail to Email
Built in Call recording
Centralized Administration
GSM Integration
Call Detail Report
FOP- Web based Receptionist Console
Fax Support
Distributed Office set up
Parallel ringing
Voice logger

Advantages of PABX Systems from *astTECS

Cost Effective
Advanced features @ affordable prices
Reliable & scalable
Best solution for small to big enterprise
Flexible to integrate with third party application
No Vendor lock in
Excellent customer support – 24*7 online support